Computer Science Games 2009 – AI Competition

Setting: a weekend-long series of competitions. Each competition is 4 hours long, except for AI which is granted two sessions.

The challenge: develop a bot for a 2D (top-down) version of Quake (rockets only).

The twist revealed in the second session: we now have a team of bots.

Our team 'Nerd Love' came in 2nd place in the AI competition "AI (2)"

We implemented a simple reactive AI that had some nice emergent behaviour. Its priorities were as follows:

  1. Avoid rockets
  2. Avoid explosions
  3. Avoid walls
  4. Shoot rockets at enemies in line-of-sight

There was probably another element for either seeking the enemy or running away, but I can't seem to remember it 3 years after the fact... It's a shame that CS Games never releases the code from past competitions.

Language: C++